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SYÐRI-BREKKUR 1 (Southerly-Hills I), Langanes (Long Peninsula district)

Current occupant: Kristján Indriðason

Kristján participates in the following national initiative:

  • Quality managed sheep farming (Gæðastýrð sauðfjárræktun)

Kristján indriðaKristján has pursued sheep farming at SYÐRI-BREKKUR I (Southerly-Hills I) since 1992.

Mountain BREKKNAFJALL (Hillsides Mountain) is situated inwardly on the LANGANES peninsula (Long-Peninsula), a short distance from the small village of ÞÓRSHÖFN (Thor´s Harbour – Thor was the god of thunder in Nordic mythology), but at the same time quite far into the heathlands.  The mountainsides of BREKKNAFJALL are quite steep on the west side, in many places rocky but overall relatively well grown with vegetation because of the limited height above sea level. The area is characterized by well grown hollows providing ideal shelter.

The farm SYÐRI-BREKKUR (Southerly-Hills) is located at the foot of the mountain, approximately 7 km from the small village of ÞÓRSHÖFN. In 1972, the farm at SYÐRI-BREKKUR was kristjan.1divided into two distinct farms, SYÐRI-BREKKUR I and II (Southerly-Hills I & II) jointly utilizing the undivided land. An area with levelled marshes stretches from the foot of the mountain south as well as north of the farm buildings and slightly sloping towards the river HAFRALÓNSÁ (Goat-Buck Lagoon River) and the fjord LÓNAFJÖRÐUR (Lagoon Fjord). The marshes get sandy closer to the shore, with sand banks and ridges forming close to the coastline. A large part of the marshes has been dewatered and a part of the drained areas turned into hayfields. Heaths rich in vegetation and ideal for summer grazing of sheeps are found on the other side of mountain BREKKNAFJALL (Hillsides Mountain).

A panoramic view is from SYÐRI-BREKKUR (Southerly-Hills), over land and ocean to the west, invardly to the mountains and heaths and over the mountais at LANGANES peninsula (Long Peninsula) to the north.

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