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About us.

Here you can find information about Fjallalamb Ltd. Product and all lamb product we produce.

Fjalallamb_logoFjallalamb hf. (Mountain Lamb Ltd.) is a member of the national slaughtering licencee association.

Around 20 employees are engaged at Fjallalamb hf. (Mountain Lamb Ltd.) all year around, but increasing up to 60-70 people during the slaughtering season through September and October each year.

The story of Fjallalamb hf. (Mountain Lamb Ltd.).

Fjallalamb hf. was established in 1990 and the majority of its 130 shareholders is in some way or another related to the operation. Farmers in the county of NORÐUR-ÞINGEYJARSÝSLSA and their associations are amongst the largest shareholders which also counts employee and other individuals. All producers and depositors of lambs and sheeps in the area own their share in the company and and solidarity prevails on its operation in the area. To create a unique position for Fjallalamb´s products on the market based on the quality of natural resources offered by the county of NORÐUR-ÞINGEYJARSÝSLSA has directed the course of the association from the beginning. Also the independancy from but good business relationships with other slaughtering licencee associations to ensure economic feasibility and the necessary collaboration within the industry as a whole.