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Instructions for smartpnone.

We can now offer product with full traceability all the way to farmers.

> For people that dont have smartphone look at instruction no. 5

All the product that have traceability to farmers have a lambel like this.

merking 1This is what you can do.

  1.   Owner of smartphone can go to  Appstore or playstore and search for QR scanner.


2.      When you have installed the app you need to open it and scan the QR code on the lable.

merking 1

3.    Then the app open a browser window and ask you if you want to open this adress. And you just click on ok or yes.

Screenshot_20160603-1730134.         Now you jump straight to a homepages for this farm and can look at photos and other information.

5.         If you are not an owner of smartphone you can read this 4-digit numer on the lable and find the same number for farm in the list of farmers.

merking 1
Best regards.

Fjallalamb hf.