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KOLLAVÍK (Kolli´s Cove), Þistilfjörður (Thistle Fjord district)

Current occupants: Jakobína Björg Ketilsdóttir and Hreinn Geirsson

The farmer at KOLLAVÍK participate in the following national initiatives and projects:

  • Quality managed sheep farming (Gæðastýrð sauðfjárræktun)

  • Farmers cultivate the land (Bændur græða landið)

KollavíkThe current occupants, Hreinn and Jakobína, have pursued farming at KOLLAVÍK (Colli´s Cove) since 1988.

According to the Icelandic Sagas, KOLLAVÍK was settled by the settler “Kolli”. The farm faces south from where it is situated at the foot of the fairly high mountain side of mountain LOKI west of lake KOLLAVÍKURVATN (Kolli´s Cove Lake) which at first sight seems to be a cove or the head of a fjord but a low gravel crest separates the lake from the sea (LOKI was the god of discord and mischief in Nordic mythology, contrived death of Baldur and was overcome by Thor). The district highway lies alongside the hayfields close to the farm. Levelled marshes are bogga1found across the hayfields, leading down to the mud banks of the lake. Many years ago the area was irrigated by water from the lake for creating a meadow passable by vehicles and a part of the mud banks have today been reclamated to grown fields. Rich and particularly sheltering grazing grounds ideal for sheep grazing during early spring are found north of the lake to the east. Thick snowdrifts may however concentrate in the area during stormy winters. Mountain ridges are found west of the farm and heaths further away.

The area of land belonging to KOLLAVIK (Kolli´s Cove) stretches to the banks of river ORMARSÁ (Ormars River) to the west, to the boundaries of the farm of KROSSAVIK (Cross Cove) to the north and the river KROSSAVÍKURÁ (Cross Cove River) marks the boundaries to the south. The view is not exactly panoramic seen from the residence house, but the warm sight of mirage growing on the mud banks of the lake is beautiful kollavikduring early spring and the mountains of LANGANES (Long Peninsula) tower in the distance.

The farm´s perquisites include trout fishing in the lake, fishing license in river ORMARSÁ (Ormar´s River) and driftwood on the shore.

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