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HVAMMUR III (Hollow III), Þistilfjörður (Thistle Fjord district)

Current occupant: Ólafur Aðalsteinn Sigurðsson

Ólafur participates in the following national initiative:

  • Quality managed sheep farming (Gæðastýrð sauðfjárræktun)

hvammurÓlafur started farming at HVAMMUR III (Hollow III) in 2015.

The residence house and other buildings in HVAMMUR were previously situated on a small hillock close to the riverbank, a bit south of the current buildings. Here, the decendants of Aðalsteinn Jónasson and Jóhanna Sigfúsdóttir who pursued farming in HVAMMUR for decades, erected a monument in their honour in 1980. South of this place the rivulet flows in a relatively deep channel. Gravel bed crests are found south of here and on the other side of the rivulet, an extensive area called KAMBAR (Crests) which is a relatively flat area of fields and heatlands that stretches almost all the way to the farm TUNGUSEL (Spit Shack). This area was previously utilized for harvesting of peat. West of the farm buildings is an area with sloping marshlands, with occasional heathland hillocks and ridges further away. The boundaries defining the tracts of land belonging to HVAMMUR lie towards the land of GUNNARSSTAÐIR (Gunnar´s Place) to the north as well as to the west. The deserted farms of both HÁVARÐASSTAÐIR (Havardur´s Place) and HVAMMSSEL (Hollow Shack) currently belong to HVAMMUR. Two distinct pasture houses were previously operated on the property, one situated on the riverbank of HAFRALÓNSÁ (Buck Lagoon River) opposite to the farm of TUNGUSEL (Spit Shack) and the other one in the ridgeside south-west of the farm.

The grazing fields are undivided and jointly utilized by the farms in HVAMMUR. Fishing rights in river HAFRALÓNSÁ (Buck Lagoon River) also belong to the farms.

The farms at HVAMMUR II and III have now been united and control 3/8 part of HVAMMUR, while HVAMMUR IV controls a 1/8 part. Fox breeding for fur production was carried out at HVAMMUR IV during 1987-1990 and again during 1996-1998, but no framing is currently pursued at the farm.

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