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Leirhöfn Melrakkasléttu.

Current occupants: Kristinn Steinarsson and Ágústa Ágústsdóttir

The farmers at LEIRHÖFN participate in the following national initiative:

  • Quality managed sheep farming (Gæðastýrð sauðfjárræktun)

ReistarnesLEIRHÖFN (Pelitic Harbour) is a settlement homestead and carries extensive tracts of land that are considered good grazing grounds, particularly for sheeps. One of the biggest sheep farms in Iceland has been operated on the farm and extensive hayfields have been grown on the farm´s land. Farmers from the east side of the praire of MELRAKKASLÉTTA (Fox Prairie) and leirhöfnfrom the small village of RAUFARHÖF (Crack Harbour) have also been permitted to grow hayfiels on the farm´s land.

The coastline belonging to LEIRHÖFN stretches from a landmark called BANGSAÞÚFA (Bear Hummock) up to the small cascade of MÍGINDI (Mini-Waterfall Place) in mountain SNARTARSTAÐANÚPUR (Snörtur´s Place Crag). From there the landmarks follow the mountains to the east all the way to the small ridge of KAMBÁS (Crest Ridge), then to MERKJAÞÚFA (Boundary Hummock) on the crest of KJALARÁS (Keel Ridge), from there through a landmark called LITLA-GEFLA (Little-Gefla) and then back to BANGSAÞÚFA (Bear Hummock) again. The farm of LEIRHÖFN therefore owns a big part of the mountain sequence of LEIRHAFNARFJÖLL (Pelitic Harbour Mountains), with its well grown slopes that are generally rich with berries.

Seaweed grazing of sheeps was considered quite good and considerable driftwood was harvested on the seashore belonging to LEIRHÖFN. Seal pup hunting at the foot of the crag was furthermore considered a windfall for the farm. Some eider ducks nest on an islet artificially constructed in the lake close to the farm. The first hayfield in the area was constructed at LEIRHÖFN, by the agriculture promoter Helgi Kristjánsson who also operated cap manufacturing on the farm, the socalled HÚFUGERÐ (Cap Structuring). A fairly decent harbour, certificated since decades ago, is located in the cove of LEIRHAFNARHÖFN (Pelitic Harbour Cove).

The area surrounding the farm is considered enchanting, with the mountain slopes and buildings reflected in the often mirror-smooth lake and a panoramic view over the ocean.

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