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VALÞJÓFSSTAÐIR III (Valthjofur´s Place III), Núpasveit (Crag district)

Current occupant: Eiríkur Björnsson

Eiríkur participates in the following national initiative:

  • Quality managed sheep farming (Gæðastýrð sauðfjárræktun)

Eiríkur valþjEiríkur has actively participated in the farming activities at VALÞJÓFSSTAÐIR (Valthjofur´s Place) since he was born.

A short distance east of mountain VALÞJÓFSSTAÐAFJALL (Valthjofurs Place Mountain) a small valley dell is found,  VESTURDALUR (West Valley) or EINARSSTAÐADALUR (Einar´s Place Valley).  Optimal grazing fields are in this area, with interchanging marshes and grassy tracts of land surrounded by heathery hillsides rich with berries. A long abandoned farm named KJARNAGERÐI (Core Hedge) is situated in the valley and another one, FELLSHÚS (Mountain House), south-west of the farm EINARSSTAÐIR (Einar´s Place). Between the two abandoned farms, springs stream from underneath the mountain and collect to the groundwater river of VALÞJÓFSSTAÐAÁ (Valthjofur´s Place River). A hydroelectric powerplant was built in the river in 1930, providing electric power for all residence houses and outhouses at VALÞJÓFSSTAÐIR.

Coastal area rich with driftwood belongs to VALÞJÓFSSTAÐIR, stretching from the waterfall of NAUSTÁ (Boathouse River) where it falls from the top of a cliff into the ocean, to the mouth of river VALÞJÓFSSTAÐAÁ (Valthjofur´s Place River). The coastal area from here to the landmark boundaries of farm PRESTHÓLAR (Priest Hillocks) belongs to the farm EINARSSTAÐIR (Einar´s Place).

A panoramic view is from mountain VALÞJÓFSSTAÐAFJALL to all directions, with a great view to all farms in the district.

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