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By Wednesday May 3rd, 2017Upprunamerkingar
Miðfjarðarnes 5

MIÐFJARÐARNES (Middle-Fjord Peninsula), LANGANESSTRÖND (Long Peninsula Coast district)

Current occupants: Sigríður Ósk Indriðadóttir and Krzysztof Krawczyk


The tracts of land belonging to the farm stretch from the spit of SAURBÆJARTANGI (Filth Farm Spit) to the south end of lake REIÐAXLARVATN (Riding-Ridge Lake) which is situated approximately 19 km into the heathlands to the south. A deserted farm named KOT (Cottage) was situated alongside the creek of ÓTRÆÐISLÆKUR (Untrampable Creek) but no acknowledgement of farming in this place exist, except sagas, place names and ruins.

Two farms were operated in MIÐFJARÐARNES (Middle-fjord Peninsula) until 1972.

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